Free Comic Book Day – 2014

This is the first event coverage video we made, and we had a special guest Kevin Rule to join us in talking to the comic book fans.
This is now the 4th (or 5th … can’t remember) time that Free Comic Book Day has been hosted by Readers Den in Claremont, Cape Town.

It was a super fun day, and this is the outcome of our time there. Watch it and enjoy.

Editing of the 2nd Artist Profile delayed

Well, it does not look like we will be able to upload for tomorrow. So, we are aiming for a Monday morning upload for the Artist Profile on Damian Staz.
Here to help us with background music, is Jason Ling of Taxi Violence.

In other news, Saturday we will be at Free Comic Book Day in Claremont. Look forward to our feature on that. With us will be special guest, Kevin Rule.



Update from Art

Update from Art

Hey all. Just want to give an update from my side. We have one interview (Damian Staz) that is ready to be edited and posted. That should happen next eek, aiming for our intended bi-weekly Thursday upload.
Our third interview will be conducted this weekend. That person is none other than Anton Marshall of Rolling Stone SA.

Keep checking this site, and the twitter page. (still have to make a Facebook page, bleu, whatevs, right? Not that anyone sees the posts. Thanks Mark.)

See ya

Our next profile on Damian Staz

Damian Staz has been drumming in the Cape Town music scene for nearly two decades, and now he makes his own brand of drumsticks that has garnered favour from numerous drummers from here to Canada.

In this coming Artist Profile, we find out what makes this man tick, and what is the driving force behind his love for drums and everything about.

Coming soon …